The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Away

Set cruise control to wander carefree without a destination

An astronaut in a car with Earth in the background.
Courtesy: Elon Musk/SpaceX

Putting your troubles in your rear-view mirror has universal appeal. Take control, let go of what’s been holding you down, and soar high and far. Setting your cruise control to wander carefree around and around without a destination is the ultimate getaway, especially if you’re prepared for the journey.

However, don’t be so fast to escape.

Before you go, hold for a bit to take a deep breath while you can. You’ll never know when you’ll have the chance again. Take stock of the winds and the world you’re about to leave behind and appreciate the gravity of what you’re about to do.

Don’t underestimate the value of pressure. It supports our ambition and drive. While too much pressure can make us implode, pound for pound it gives us stability and helps us focus on our goals. Be sure you’re properly balanced and inflated all the way around.

Many of us need a good boost to get going, particularly for what seems like an extended trip. You want to have a blast, so make sure your battery is fully charged before heading out to your place under the sun.

For peace of mind, have a plan to return to Earth and take on the world again. You don’t have to totally refurbish. A little tune up under your spiritual hood will do before you relaunch your life. You can do this many times.

We are all on our own separate journeys, even oddities. Look ahead and watch out for the pebbles and rocks that flash across your path. You might feel alone, but you’ll never know when fate strikes you head on.

The universe is filled with never-ending sights — if not sounds. It takes a special person who decides to live life in a vacuum as the forces of nature wear away the body bit by bit with the passage of time.

Near or far, you’ll feel a nostalgic tug back to the life you’ve left, even though as Thomas Wolfe famously wrote, “You Can’t Go Home Again.”

Whatever you decide — go or stay — pursue your dream … and don’t panic.

About The Author

Jim Katzaman is a manager at Largo Financial Services and worked in public affairs for the Air Force and federal government. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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