“Choose to work hard instead of dream” is essential. At a prior insurance company, the room was packed with 60 to 70 people, mostly dreamers. They would root and cheer about their future. The small technicality was that most of them weren’t licensed to sell anything. They would gather each week, be happy among themselves, essentially sing Kumbaya and pay out of their own pockets to attend uplifting conventions across the country. They were happy in the moment, but they weren’t generating any business for themselves. After a few years I was invited to a meeting at another company. I counted 13 of us seated around a table in a small conference room. The difference from the first large group was that this baker’s dozen was all licensed and no-nonsense about doing business. Their weekly earnings were several times more than that of the dreamers. The second group smiled, too — all the way to the bank. I work there today.

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