Entrepreneurs want a fair shot at the complete marketplace

Woman wearing a hat writing at a laptop.

Numbers tell the sobering story. A 2020 Brookings Institute study found that “Black people represent 12.7 percent of the U.S. population but only 4.3 percent of the nation’s 22.2 million business owners.”

Amid health and economic crises and civil unrest, Tarra Jackson and Kevin L. Matthews II readily make the…

The hardest part is getting into the right frame of mind

Walking up steps.

Money moves have been top of mind as the world tries to get its emotional and fiscal feet back on steady ground. Those who can afford to pop their heads up and look around face a host of challenges.

Among the advance scouts are “wealth whisperer” Winnie Sun and marketing…

The right programs stop your people from walking out the door

People meeting around a table.

Organizations struggle to provide the right benefits for their workers. Many leaders and managers don’t understand the basic wants and needs of rank-and-file employees, which is likely different from that of the top echelon.

Coming from different professional and personal backgrounds, companies large or small can’t rely on managers or…

Your credit score boost could be only a utility bill away

A hand sliding a credit card through a reader.

Simply put, having good credit determines whether you’ll qualify for a loan. Depending on the interest rate of the loan you qualify for, it could mean the difference between hundreds and even thousands of dollars in savings.

Those are the facts from the global information services company Experian. “Follow the…

Ultimate marketers reveal their tricks of the trade for efficiency

Hand holding coffee mug next to a laptop.

Productivity and marketing experts abide by the 80–20 Rule. Formally known as the Pareto Principle, the notion is that 80 percent of your results come from only 20 percent of your efforts. The rule has been applied for 100 years as a guide to efficiency.

Top marketers such as Rebekah…

Collaboration tools work best to unite people working far apart

Man with headphones working on a laptop by a window at sunset.

Displaced employees are moving back to their workplaces in fits and starts. Not only a matter of safety, those yearning to breathe free are reluctant to return to their old ways of doing business.

A growing consensus favors a workforce mix of those who commute on the road and others…

Numbers mean little until you apply them for your benefit

Paper with a graph plotting data points on a table with a ruler and pens.

Collecting data is pointless unless you know how to interpret what you see. The results can be applied to improve marketing and business overall.

Specializing in data privacy, security, information management and digital transformation, Larry Mount risks having more data than he knows what to do with on any given…

Many financial sources will lead the way to a rewarding life

Card being inserted into a wallet.

Getting smart about credit ideally begins with teens and young adults when they form habits that last a lifetime. As the American Bankers Association explains, the youngsters can gain well-rounded personal finance skills through local banks.

The association is part of an industry-wide movement to expand the reach of financial…

Heartwarming photos still hide a harsh truth of women’s roles

People sitting and talking on a round stage with an audience.

Women’s depiction in the media has improved to a degree, although much remains to be done. Stereotypes are still the order of the day.

“Representation has gotten slightly better in recent years,” said Kavita Chintapalli. …

How to reduce your risk of financial loss, identity theft, blackmail, fraud, privacy violation and more…

Man looking at laptop with security symbol on the screen.

People understandably are becoming numb to cybersecurity threats. Bad news about one data breach after another is an incessant drumbeat.

Yet, cybersecurity expert Joseph Steinberg refuses to give up, particularly when it comes to helping people protect their finances from cyber threats:

“You have data and accounts that hackers really…

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